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"the handbook life should've come with"

This brilliantly researched yet simple and practical guide is for transformation seekers who are ready to move past physical and mental health struggles into greater ease, happiness and fulfillment. Body and brain therapist and childhood trauma survivor, Patricia C. Rogers shares beautifully illustrated simple science, authority quotes and myth busters to break free from the bullsh!t that’s been holding you back. Body Smarts, the Guided Journal is for you if you’re still struggling to understand how the body holds onto trauma; you just want to fix your life, already. Learn how your brain and body have ensured your survival, and how to hack through outdated survival mechanisms to: • Heal your body • Master your brain power • Reach your full potential • Live the life you want, now Stop wasting your time bogged down with complex scientific explanations and rehashing all the worst things that ever happened in your life. This guide shares everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) about polyvagal theory, attachment theory and the neuroscience of mental health. When hard science ceases to explain the more ethereal aspects of the human condition, this guide forges beyond, ensuring you have all you need to reach your full potential. Basic intel about how your body and brain are hardwired is paired with Strugglebuster solutions, journal prompts, free audio recordings and reminders for your subconscious. With this guide, you will make tangible, sustainable improvements in physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Body Smarts, colorful 300 page ring bound book
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“This workbook offers an informative summary of how our emotions can impact the body’s physical states and behaviors. It is purposefully designed to make us more aware and attuned to our emotional needs when we might otherwise feel our body is betraying us. I fully recommend this guide to those on their journey of well-being.”

–Dr. Julie McWhorter

Pediatric Anesthesiologist | Norton Children’s Hospital

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