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Revive Your Passion | Keynote
A Journey from Compassion Fatigue to Renewed Purpose

Are you a healthcare provider feeling the weight of compassion fatigue? You’re not alone. Hire trauma therapist Patricia C. Rogers, a beacon of hope and resilience, for an empowering signature speech designed to reignite your passion, restore your well-being, and revive your love for helping others. Discover Patricia's personal journey of recovery from mental illness—an odyssey marked by involuntary commitment, addiction, suicide attempts, and incarceration. Witness the transformative power of healing through a trauma-informed approach that addresses the profound impacts of trauma on both body and brain. In this enlightening session tailored for healthcare providers like you: Dive deep into real-life experiences that unveil human vulnerability yet underscore resilience. Explore innovative strategies rooted in understanding trauma’s multifaceted impacts. Rekindle your inner spark by embracing physical health and emotional wellness hand-in-hand. Step into renewed purpose as you revive your love for nurturing others back to health. Don’t let compassion fatigue dim your light. With Patricia C. Rogers, embark on an uplifting journey that promises hope, healing, and rejuvenation for both caregivers and their patients alike. Schedule Patricia for a speaking engagement today – because every healer deserves healing.

Unleashing Your Potential | Workshop
Find your happy place by mastering your brain power and resolving trauma in your body.

This transformative workshop is based on the acclaimed workbook, “Body Smarts: The Guided Journal”. Dive into a brilliantly researched, yet refreshingly simple and practical guide designed for those ready to transcend their physical and mental health challenges to achieve ease, happiness, and fulfillment. About the Workshop: This interactive workshop is crafted for individuals who are on a quest for transformation but find themselves hindered by the remnants of past traumas. Patricia C. Rogers, a seasoned body and brain therapist and a survivor of childhood trauma, will lead you through beautifully illustrated scientific concepts, authoritative quotes, and myth-busting insights to liberate you from the misconceptions that constrain you. Who Should Attend: “Body Smarts, The Guided Journal” is tailored for your group if your are: Grappling with understanding how trauma is embodied. Eager to mend your lives without delay. Ready to navigate beyond outdated survival mechanisms. What You Will Learn: Through this workshop, you will discover how to: Heal Your Body: Embrace practices that foster physical healing. Master Your Brain Power: Unlock the potential of your mind for greater control and clarity. Reach Your Full Potential: Overcome barriers to achieve your dreams. Live the Life You Want, Now: Implement strategies for immediate life enhancement. Workshop Highlights: Simplicity Over Complexity: Say goodbye to convoluted scientific jargon and reliving painful memories. This workshop focuses on what truly matters—practical knowledge about polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and the neuroscience of mental health. Beyond Hard Science: When traditional science falls short in explaining the profound elements of human existence, this workshop ventures further, equipping you with the necessary tools for personal growth. Strugglebuster Solutions: Learn struggle-busting techniques paired with journal prompts, access to free audio recordings, and subconscious reminders. Tangible Improvements: Commit to a path of tangible, sustainable enhancements in both physical health and emotional well-being. Embark on this journey with us and transform the way you live by harnessing the innate wisdom of your body and brain. Hire Patricia and usher your group members into a life of greater ease, happiness, and fulfillment.


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