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Before studying therapy, Patricia took a five-year vow of poverty to volunteer with underserved communities, in Peace Corps Ghana and then with AmeriCorps VISTA on Indian reservations stateside as well as in Appalachia. By the time she entered the work force as a chemical analyst, her history of childhood trauma was beginning to catch up with her.


Since her preteens, Patricia had been treated with psychopharmaceuticals and talk therapy. Although these interventions kept her alive, she continued a downward spiral of despair, dysfunctional coping mechanisms and broken relationships.


A connection with an exceptional massage therapist led her to pursue massage school. There, she experienced a paradigm shift with her introduction to CranioSacral Therapy, which opened a world of possibilities she’d never imagined for herself. With CranioSacral therapy, other bodywork, yoga and EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprograming) she began healing trauma at its roots in the body, releasing the destructive emotions she’d been carrying along with the physical tolls she’d believed were permanent. 


​Patricia holds Diplomate and Techniques certifications through the Upledger Institute International, where she’s an advanced preceptor, teaching assistant and was invited to serve as a Primary Therapist at the international Alzheimer’s Research Intensive Therapy programs of 2018-19. She also serves as a Primary Therapist at group therapy programs for Integrative Intentions. To help bridge the gap between physical and mental health care, Patricia also earned her Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Research Foundation. A graduate of Marshall University, she holds professional licenses in West Virginia as well as Florida and Ohio.


Patricia is a four-time nationally ranked USA Yoga athlete. She is the owner of Body Smarts in Charleston, West Virginia, where she lives with her wife, Rose Ayoob, MD, in their home overlooking lush forests in the Kanawha Valley. She enjoys white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, making music, dancing and any opportunities the Universe provides for a rich human experience.

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