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Undivided attention. Your therapist will be 100% fully focused just on you and your healing objectives, day in and day out. 


Sustainable change. Participants of the intensive therapy immersion consistently report an enhanced quality of life during and after a period of integration of the changes brought about by the program.

Therapy sessions throughout the morning and afternoon, with a relaxed lunch break and free time in the evenings to integrate with a walk along the beautiful Kanawha River, journaling, exploration of the wild and wonderful, or maybe an overdue early bedtime.

You set the pace. Your therapist has no agenda, other than to support whatever serves you best.

Highly individualized treatment to address whatever issues come up. Your therapist has the expertise to address highly specific structural and health issues within the body and can also navigate deep emotional processes.

Feel confident, knowing your therapist has the highest level of certification in CranioSacral therapy, plus the distinction of being team-leading therapist in group Intensive Therapy Programs for the world renowned Upledger Institute.

3-Day Clients' Stories

3-Day Immersion Testimonial
3-Day Immersion Testimonial

Your Days

Here's what your days will look like...

We'll begin on Day One at 9 am. We'll allow plenty of time for intake, to discuss your goals for your therapeutic process. We'll then start hands-on therapy, taking a break(s) whenever best suits your needs. We'll break by noon for a 90-minute lunch, and come back at 1:30. (I'll provide a list of close-by restaurants and grocers). We'll start again at 1:30 with brief discussion before continuing hands-on therapy until 4:30. The evening will be yours to integrate your therapy in whatever way serves you best, while I write session notes and review your treatment plan. Day Two will follow roughly the same schedule, unless we decide together that it makes sense to adjust the amount of time for lunch. Day Three may have the same timing, or we may adjust slightly depending on travel plans. Many people choose to stay the night of Day Three in order to allow extra space and time for integration of therapeutic changes before traveling. However, if you choose to begin your travels after therapy on Day Three, we may choose to start the day at 8:30 and/or shorten lunch in order to be done a bit earlier. 

Travel Plans!

Body Smarts is conveniently located 5 miles from the Yeager Airport, where there are multiple car rental options. Discover Charleston here and find a hotel, or book an AirBNB (hint: look in beautiful South Hills, Charleston for the West Virginia experience).




Once we settle on dates, a $500 deposit will lock in your dates.

Preferred payment method is check for your balance of $1,800, due on Day One of your 3-Day Immersion. Cash is also accepted. Paypal is available for a processing surcharge.


If for any reason your plans change, reschedule or cancel your Intensive Therapy Three-Day Immersion within 30 days of your scheduled Day One without penalty. Reschedule or cancel within 10 days for a 50% devaluation of your deposit. In case of Covid-19 infection, cancel without penalty at any time by submitting medical record of positive Covid-19 test, including participant's name and test date. 

Check Availability for 3-Day Immersion

*  Three-Day Immersions are scheduled either Mon-Wed or Tues-Fri. Submit message below to check availability for specific dates. Then a $500 deposit will lock in your dates.
*  MAXIMUM OF TWO SCHEDULED PER MONTH, so that we may continue to serve all clients. 

Thanks for submitting!

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