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Enjoy therapy sessions throughout the morning and afternoon, with a relaxed lunch break and free time in the evenings to integrate with a walk along the beautiful Kanawha River, journaling, exploration of the wild and wonderful, or maybe an overdue early bedtime.


Recieve your FREE copy of Body Smarts, the Guided Journal on Day One of your 3-Day Immersion. This will be a useful guide during your therpeutic process, making your treatment more efficient.


Undivided attention. Your therapist will be 100% fully focused just on you and your healing objectives, day in and day out. 


Highly individualized treatment to address whatever issues come up. Your therapist has the expertise to address highly specific structural and health issues within the body and can also navigate deep emotional processes.


Sustainable change. Participants of the intensive therapy immersion consistently report an enhanced quality of life during and after a period of integration of the changes brought about by the program.


You set the pace. Your therapist has no agenda, other than to support whatever serves you best.

Feel confident, knowing your therapist has the highest level of certification in CranioSacral therapy, plus the distinction of being team-leading therapist in group Intensive Therapy Programs for the world renowned Upledger Institute.


At the conclusion of your three days, unlimited ownership of your copy of Body Smarts, the Guided Journal will assist you in your integration of therapeutic changes.


Read the fine print here: 3-Day Immersion | Body Smarts

3-Day Therapy Immersion

  • With thirty days notice, dates of 3-Day Immersion may be scheduled within 60 days of origianally scheduled dates. 

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